gh workflow run

gh workflow run [<workflow-id> | <workflow-name>] [flags]

Create a workflow_dispatch event for a given workflow.

This command will trigger GitHub Actions to run a given workflow file. The given workflow file must support an on.workflow_dispatch trigger in order to be run in this way.

If the workflow file supports inputs, they can be specified in a few ways:

  • Interactively
  • Via -f/--raw-field or -F/--field flags
  • As JSON, via standard input


-F, --field <key=value>
Add a string parameter in key=value format, respecting @ syntax (see "gh help api").
Read workflow inputs as JSON via STDIN
-f, --raw-field <key=value>
Add a string parameter in key=value format
-r, --ref <string>
The branch or tag name which contains the version of the workflow file you'd like to run

Options inherited from parent commands

-R, --repo <[HOST/]OWNER/REPO>
Select another repository using the [HOST/]OWNER/REPO format


# Have gh prompt you for what workflow you'd like to run and interactively collect inputs
$ gh workflow run

# Run the workflow file 'triage.yml' at the remote's default branch
$ gh workflow run triage.yml

# Run the workflow file 'triage.yml' at a specified ref
$ gh workflow run triage.yml --ref my-branch

# Run the workflow file 'triage.yml' with command line inputs
$ gh workflow run triage.yml -f name=scully -f greeting=hello

# Run the workflow file 'triage.yml' with JSON via standard input
$ echo '{"name":"scully", "greeting":"hello"}' | gh workflow run triage.yml --json

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