gh pr create

gh pr create [flags]

Create a pull request on GitHub.

When the current branch isn't fully pushed to a git remote, a prompt will ask where to push the branch and offer an option to fork the base repository. Use --head to explicitly skip any forking or pushing behavior.

A prompt will also ask for the title and the body of the pull request. Use --title and --body to skip this, or use --fill to autofill these values from git commits. It's important to notice that if the --title and/or --body are also provided alongside --fill, the values specified by --title and/or --body will take precedence and overwrite any autofilled content.

Link an issue to the pull request by referencing the issue in the body of the pull request. If the body text mentions Fixes #123 or Closes #123, the referenced issue will automatically get closed when the pull request gets merged.

By default, users with write access to the base repository can push new commits to the head branch of the pull request. Disable this with --no-maintainer-edit.

Adding a pull request to projects requires authorization with the project scope. To authorize, run gh auth refresh -s project.


-a, --assignee <login>
Assign people by their login. Use "@me" to self-assign.
-B, --base <branch>
The branch into which you want your code merged
-b, --body <string>
Body for the pull request
-F, --body-file <file>
Read body text from file (use "-" to read from standard input)
-d, --draft
Mark pull request as a draft
Print details instead of creating the PR. May still push git changes.
-f, --fill
Use commit info for title and body
Use first commit info for title and body
Use commits msg+body for description
-H, --head <branch>
The branch that contains commits for your pull request (default [current branch])
-l, --label <name>
Add labels by name
-m, --milestone <name>
Add the pull request to a milestone by name
Disable maintainer's ability to modify pull request
-p, --project <name>
Add the pull request to projects by name
--recover <string>
Recover input from a failed run of create
-r, --reviewer <handle>
Request reviews from people or teams by their handle
-T, --template <file>
Template file to use as starting body text
-t, --title <string>
Title for the pull request
-w, --web
Open the web browser to create a pull request

Options inherited from parent commands

-R, --repo <[HOST/]OWNER/REPO>
Select another repository using the [HOST/]OWNER/REPO format


$ gh pr create --title "The bug is fixed" --body "Everything works again"
$ gh pr create --reviewer monalisa,hubot  --reviewer myorg/team-name
$ gh pr create --project "Roadmap"
$ gh pr create --base develop --head monalisa:feature

See also

In use


# Create a pull request interactively
~/Projects/my-project$ gh pr create
Creating pull request for feature-branch into main in owner/repo
? Title My new pull request
? Body [(e) to launch nano, enter to skip]

With flags

# Create a pull request using flags
~/Projects/my-project$ gh pr create --title "Pull request title" --body "Pull request body"

In the browser

// Quickly navigate to the pull request creation page
~/Projects/my-project$ gh pr create --web
Opening in your browser.

Working with forks

This command will automatically create a fork for you if you're in a repository that you don't have permission to push to.