gh repo list

gh repo list [<owner>] [flags]

List repositories owned by a user or organization.

Note that the list will only include repositories owned by the provided argument, and the --fork or --source flags will not traverse ownership boundaries. For example, when listing the forks in an organization, the output would not include those owned by individual users.


Show only archived repositories
Show only forks
-q, --jq <expression>
Filter JSON output using a jq expression
--json <fields>
Output JSON with the specified fields
-l, --language <string>
Filter by primary coding language
-L, --limit <int> (default 30)
Maximum number of repositories to list
Omit archived repositories
Show only non-forks
-t, --template <string>
Format JSON output using a Go template; see "gh help formatting"
--topic <strings>
Filter by topic
--visibility <string>
Filter by repository visibility: {public|private|internal}


gh repo ls

JSON Fields

assignableUsers, codeOfConduct, contactLinks, createdAt, defaultBranchRef, deleteBranchOnMerge, description, diskUsage, forkCount, fundingLinks, hasDiscussionsEnabled, hasIssuesEnabled, hasProjectsEnabled, hasWikiEnabled, homepageUrl, id, isArchived, isBlankIssuesEnabled, isEmpty, isFork, isInOrganization, isMirror, isPrivate, isSecurityPolicyEnabled, isTemplate, isUserConfigurationRepository, issueTemplates, issues, labels, languages, latestRelease, licenseInfo, mentionableUsers, mergeCommitAllowed, milestones, mirrorUrl, name, nameWithOwner, openGraphImageUrl, owner, parent, primaryLanguage, projects, projectsV2, pullRequestTemplates, pullRequests, pushedAt, rebaseMergeAllowed, repositoryTopics, securityPolicyUrl, squashMergeAllowed, sshUrl, stargazerCount, templateRepository, updatedAt, url, usesCustomOpenGraphImage, viewerCanAdminister, viewerDefaultCommitEmail, viewerDefaultMergeMethod, viewerHasStarred, viewerPermission, viewerPossibleCommitEmails, viewerSubscription, visibility, watchers

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