gh run list

List recent workflow runs

gh run list [flags]


-b, --branch <string>
Filter runs by branch
-c, --commit <SHA>
Filter runs by the SHA of the commit
--created <date>
Filter runs by the date it was created
-e, --event <event>
Filter runs by which event triggered the run
-q, --jq <expression>
Filter JSON output using a jq expression
--json <fields>
Output JSON with the specified fields
-L, --limit <int> (default 20)
Maximum number of runs to fetch
-s, --status <string>
Filter runs by status: {queued|completed|in_progress|requested|waiting|action_required|cancelled|failure|neutral|skipped|stale|startup_failure|success|timed_out}
-t, --template <string>
Format JSON output using a Go template; see "gh help formatting"
-u, --user <string>
Filter runs by user who triggered the run
-w, --workflow <string>
Filter runs by workflow

Options inherited from parent commands

-R, --repo <[HOST/]OWNER/REPO>
Select another repository using the [HOST/]OWNER/REPO format

JSON Fields

conclusion, createdAt, databaseId, displayTitle, event, headBranch, headSha, name, number, startedAt, status, updatedAt, url, workflowDatabaseId, workflowName

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