gh secret set

Create or update secrets


Locally encrypt a new or updated secret at either the repository or organization level and send it to GitHub for storage.

gh secret set <secret-name> [flags]


$ gh secret set FROM_FLAG  -b"some literal value"
$ gh secret set FROM_ENV  -b"${ENV_VALUE}"
$ gh secret set FROM_FILE < file.json
$ gh secret set ORG_SECRET -bval --org=anOrg --visibility=all
$ gh secret set ORG_SECRET -bval --org=anOrg --repos="repo1,repo2,repo3"


  -b, --body string      A value for the secret. Reads from STDIN if not specified.
  -o, --org string       List secrets for an organization
  -r, --repos selected   List of repository names for selected visibility
  -v, --visibility all   Set visibility for an organization secret: all, `private`, or `selected` (default "private")

Options inherited from parent commands

      --help                     Show help for command
  -R, --repo [HOST/]OWNER/REPO   Select another repository using the [HOST/]OWNER/REPO format