gh pr list

gh pr list [flags]

List pull requests in a GitHub repository.

The search query syntax is documented here:


--app <string>
Filter by GitHub App author
-a, --assignee <string>
Filter by assignee
-A, --author <string>
Filter by author
-B, --base <string>
Filter by base branch
-d, --draft
Filter by draft state
-H, --head <string>
Filter by head branch
-q, --jq <expression>
Filter JSON output using a jq expression
--json <fields>
Output JSON with the specified fields
-l, --label <strings>
Filter by label
-L, --limit <int> (default 30)
Maximum number of items to fetch
-S, --search <query>
Search pull requests with query
-s, --state <string> (default "open")
Filter by state: {open|closed|merged|all}
-t, --template <string>
Format JSON output using a Go template; see "gh help formatting"
-w, --web
List pull requests in the web browser

Options inherited from parent commands

-R, --repo <[HOST/]OWNER/REPO>
Select another repository using the [HOST/]OWNER/REPO format

JSON Fields

additions, assignees, author, autoMergeRequest, baseRefName, body, changedFiles, closed, closedAt, comments, commits, createdAt, deletions, files, headRefName, headRefOid, headRepository, headRepositoryOwner, id, isCrossRepository, isDraft, labels, latestReviews, maintainerCanModify, mergeCommit, mergeStateStatus, mergeable, mergedAt, mergedBy, milestone, number, potentialMergeCommit, projectCards, projectItems, reactionGroups, reviewDecision, reviewRequests, reviews, state, statusCheckRollup, title, updatedAt, url


List PRs authored by you
$ gh pr list --author "@me"

List only PRs with all of the given labels
$ gh pr list --label bug --label "priority 1"

Filter PRs using search syntax
$ gh pr list --search "status:success review:required"

Find a PR that introduced a given commit
$ gh pr list --search "<SHA>" --state merged

See also

In use

Default behavior

You will see the most recent 30 open items.

# Viewing a list of open pull requests
~/Projects/my-project$ gh pr list

Pull requests for owner/repo

#14  Upgrade to Prettier 1.19                           prettier
#14  Extend arrow navigation in lists for MacOS         arrow-nav
#13  Add Support for Windows Automatic Dark Mode        dark-mode
#8   Create and use keyboard shortcut react component   shortcut


Filtering with flags

You can use flags to filter the list for your specific use cases.

# Viewing a list of closed pull requests assigned to a user
~/Projects/my-project$ gh pr list --state closed --assignee user

Pull requests for owner/repo

#13  Upgrade to Electron 7         electron-7
#8   Release Notes Writing Guide   release-notes