gh repo view

gh repo view [<repository>] [flags]

Display the description and the README of a GitHub repository.

With no argument, the repository for the current directory is displayed.

With '--web', open the repository in a web browser instead.

With '--branch', view a specific branch of the repository.


-b, --branch <string>
View a specific branch of the repository
-q, --jq <expression>
Filter JSON output using a jq expression
--json <fields>
Output JSON with the specified fields
-t, --template <string>
Format JSON output using a Go template; see "gh help formatting"
-w, --web
Open a repository in the browser

JSON Fields

assignableUsers, codeOfConduct, contactLinks, createdAt, defaultBranchRef, deleteBranchOnMerge, description, diskUsage, forkCount, fundingLinks, hasDiscussionsEnabled, hasIssuesEnabled, hasProjectsEnabled, hasWikiEnabled, homepageUrl, id, isArchived, isBlankIssuesEnabled, isEmpty, isFork, isInOrganization, isMirror, isPrivate, isSecurityPolicyEnabled, isTemplate, isUserConfigurationRepository, issueTemplates, issues, labels, languages, latestRelease, licenseInfo, mentionableUsers, mergeCommitAllowed, milestones, mirrorUrl, name, nameWithOwner, openGraphImageUrl, owner, parent, primaryLanguage, projects, projectsV2, pullRequestTemplates, pullRequests, pushedAt, rebaseMergeAllowed, repositoryTopics, securityPolicyUrl, squashMergeAllowed, sshUrl, stargazerCount, templateRepository, updatedAt, url, usesCustomOpenGraphImage, viewerCanAdminister, viewerDefaultCommitEmail, viewerDefaultMergeMethod, viewerHasStarred, viewerPermission, viewerPossibleCommitEmails, viewerSubscription, visibility, watchers

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In use

In terminal

By default, we will display items in the terminal.

# Viewing a repository in terminal
~/Projects/my-project$ gh repo view owner/repo
Repository description

  Repository README

View this repository on GitHub:

In the browser

Quickly open an item in the browser using --web or -w

# Viewing a repository in the browser
~/Projects$ gh repo view owner/repo --web
Opening in your browser.

With no arguments

We will display the repository you're currently in.

# Viewing the repository you're in
~/Projects/my-project$ gh repo view
Repository description

  Repository README

View this repository on GitHub: