gh issue list

List and filter issues in this repository


List and filter issues in this repository

gh issue list [flags]


$ gh issue list -l "help wanted"
$ gh issue list -A monalisa
$ gh issue list --web
$ gh issue list --milestone 'MVP'


  -a, --assignee string    Filter by assignee
  -A, --author string      Filter by author
  -l, --label strings      Filter by labels
  -L, --limit int          Maximum number of issues to fetch (default 30)
      --mention string     Filter by mention
  -m, --milestone number   Filter by milestone number or `title`
  -s, --state string       Filter by state: {open|closed|all} (default "open")
  -w, --web                Open the browser to list the issue(s)

Options inherited from parent commands

      --help              Show help for command
  -R, --repo OWNER/REPO   Select another repository using the OWNER/REPO format

In use

Default behavior

You will see the most recent 30 open items.

# Viewing a list of open issues
~/Projects/my-project$ gh issue list

Issues for owner/repo

#14  Update the remote url if it changed  (bug)
#14  PR commands on a detached head       (enhancement)
#13  Support for GitHub Enterprise        (wontfix)
#8   Add an easier upgrade command        (bug)


Filtering with flags

You can use flags to filter the list for your specific use cases.

# Viewing a list of closed issues assigned to a user
~/Projects/my-project$ gh issue list --state closed --assignee user

Issues for owner/repo

#13  Enable discarding submodule changes  (bug)
#8   Upgrade to latest react              (upgrade)