gh alias import

gh alias import [<filename> | -] [flags]

Import aliases from the contents of a YAML file.

Aliases should be defined as a map in YAML, where the keys represent aliases and the values represent the corresponding expansions. An example file should look like the following:

bugs: issue list --label=bug
igrep: '!gh issue list --label="$1" | grep "$2"'
features: |-
    issue list

Use - to read aliases (in YAML format) from standard input.

The output from gh alias list can be used to produce a YAML file containing your aliases, which you can use to import them from one machine to another. Run gh help alias list to learn more.


Overwrite existing aliases of the same name


# Import aliases from a file
$ gh alias import aliases.yml

# Import aliases from standard input
$ gh alias import -

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