gh browse

Open the repository in the browser


Open the GitHub repository in the web browser.

gh browse [<number> | <path>] [flags]


$ gh browse
#=> Open the home page of the current repository

$ gh browse 217
#=> Open issue or pull request 217

$ gh browse --settings
#=> Open repository settings

$ gh browse main.go:312
#=> Open main.go at line 312

$ gh browse main.go --branch main
#=> Open main.go in the main branch


  -b, --branch string            Select another branch by passing in the branch name
  -c, --commit                   Open the last commit
  -n, --no-browser               Print destination URL instead of opening the browser
  -p, --projects                 Open repository projects
  -R, --repo [HOST/]OWNER/REPO   Select another repository using the [HOST/]OWNER/REPO format
  -s, --settings                 Open repository settings
  -w, --wiki                     Open repository wiki

Options inherited from parent commands

      --help   Show help for command