gh run rerun

gh run rerun [<run-id>] [flags]

Rerun an entire run, only failed jobs, or a specific job from a run.

Note that due to historical reasons, the --job flag may not take what you expect. Specifically, when navigating to a job in the browser, the URL looks like this:<owner>/<repo>/actions/runs/<run-id>/jobs/<number>.

However, this <number> should not be used with the --job flag and will result in the API returning 404 NOT FOUND. Instead, you can get the correct job IDs using the following command:

gh run view <run-id> --json jobs --jq '.jobs[] | {name, databaseId}'

You will need to use databaseId field for triggering job re-runs.


-d, --debug
Rerun with debug logging
Rerun only failed jobs, including dependencies
-j, --job <string>
Rerun a specific job ID from a run, including dependencies

Options inherited from parent commands

-R, --repo <[HOST/]OWNER/REPO>
Select another repository using the [HOST/]OWNER/REPO format

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