gh issue view

View an issue in the browser


View an issue in the browser

gh issue view {<number> | <url>} [flags]


  -p, --preview   Display preview of issue content

Options inherited from parent commands

      --help              Show help for command
  -R, --repo OWNER/REPO   Select another repository using the OWNER/REPO format

Examples in use

In the browser

Quickly open a pull request or issue in the browser.

# Viewing an issue in the browser
~/Projects/my-project$ gh issue view 21
Opening in your browser.

In terminal

Use --preview or -p to view a preview of the title and body.

# Viewing an issue in terminal
~/Projects/my-project$ gh issue view 21 --preview
Onboarding blankstate responsive bugs
opened by user. 0 comments. (bug)

  Noticed some tiny visual bugs with the responsive blankstates

  - Some text bumping into each other at certain sizes
  - Line height on h1
  - When you expand the commit area panel everything breaks

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