gh issue view

gh issue view {<number> | <url>} [flags]

Display the title, body, and other information about an issue.

With --web flag, open the issue in a web browser instead.


-c, --comments
View issue comments
-q, --jq <expression>
Filter JSON output using a jq expression
--json <fields>
Output JSON with the specified fields
-t, --template <string>
Format JSON output using a Go template; see "gh help formatting"
-w, --web
Open an issue in the browser

Options inherited from parent commands

-R, --repo <[HOST/]OWNER/REPO>
Select another repository using the [HOST/]OWNER/REPO format

See also

In use

In terminal

By default, we will display items in the terminal.

# Viewing an issue in terminal
~/Projects/my-project$ gh issue view 21
Issue title
opened by user. 0 comments. (label)

  Issue body

View this issue on GitHub:

In the browser

Quickly open an item in the browser using --web or -w

# Viewing an issue in the browser
~/Projects/my-project$ gh issue view 21 --web
Opening in your browser.