Take GitHub to the command line

GitHub CLI brings GitHub to your terminal. Free and open source.

brew install gh

$ gh issue list gh pr status gh pr checkout gh pr create gh pr checks gh release create gh repo view gh alias set

View and filter a repository’s open issues.

Check on the status of your pull requests.

Check out pull requests locally.

Create a new pull request.

View your pull requests’ checks.

Create a new release.

View repository READMEs.

Create a shortcut for a gh command.

gh issue list

Showing 4 of 4 issues in cli/cli

#16 Improving interactions with protected branches
#14 PR commands on a detached head
#13 Support for GitHub Enterprise (enhancement)
#8 Add an easier upgrade command (bug)

Goodbye, context switching. Hello, terminal.

Your entire GitHub workflow

Work with issues, pull requests, checks, releases and more.

View all GitHub CLI commands

Script and customize

Call the GitHub API to script almost any action, and set a custom alias for any command.

Learn about aliases and API


Connect to GitHub Enterprise Server in addition to GitHub.com.

Get set up with Enterprise

We <3 community

GitHub CLI is open source and ready for your contributions.

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Try GitHub on the command line

GitHub CLI brings GitHub to your terminal. Free and open source.

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